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Here in Equator Home Stay we consider it our top priority to make your holiday unforgettably through everything one can hope to do in Maldives. This piece of paradise offers everything you need to be happy! Relax on the white sandy Maldivian beaches or dive and see the wonders of the Indian ocean. Equator Home Stay offers special diving packages, sunset cruises, fishing trips, farm trips, and city tours at the best rates in Addu City, Maldives.

Picnic Island Excursion

Guests can spend a full day in a picnic island with white soft sandy beach and crystal clear water. Upon request Lunch & Barbecue is provided on the Picnic island. Because this is an  uninhabited island there will be no one else but the hotel staff. 

Island Hoping

The beautiful islands in Maldives each have their own unique history and story to tell, and feature some of the country's most breathtaking landscapes. Book an island hopping adventure and discover fascinating Countryside and Culture of Maldives. Addu City is especially one island hopping destination you cannot miss. Guests can hire private Speed boats from the hotel or catch the scheduled public transport which operates daily.

Dolphin Cruise

Maldives has the best weather for watching dolphins. Dolphins are usually seen while riding the pressure waves created by a speedboat. Equator Home Stay offers you the opportunity to get close to and view the dolphins as well as other beautiful sea creatures. You can have friends and family watch you LIVE on our Dolphin watching boat and feel what it's like to swim with the dolphins.


The surrounding waters of Maldives are literally a city under water.

The crystal clear waters offer visibility up to 60 meters – a rarity in the world of divers.

This combined with the veritable mine of aquatic life makes Maldives a top diving destination – a dream destination of divers from around the world.

Waters are warm, comfortable and most importantly, safe for first timers as well as more experienced.


In a country with over 99% water and less than 1% land, the possibilities for fun-filled activities in the water are almost inexhaustible. Snorkeling trips can be specialized so you can swim with sharks and see their grace up close, and if you’re lucky, even see the mighty whale shark.


Night fishing is a special Maldivian form of evening entertainment in which you could enjoy the peace and stillness of the night under starry skies while you fish for snapper or grouper, and end the evening with a barbecue prepared with your very own catch.

Join us under the starlight in the atoll lagoon using hand lines and raw fish as bait. Experience the ‘true Maldivian fishing tales’ and an evening to remember.

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