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Southern Pro Divers

Addu City Hulhumeedhoo.

Diving Around Addu

Southern Pro Divers dive center is affiliated with Equator HomeStay to ensure our guests are getting the best price and services, just 5 minutes waking distance from Equator HomeStay.

Addu Atoll is an internationally famous for its wreck dives, large manta rays, sharks, dolphins, turtles and bigger fish in general, all throughout the year, as opposed to an abundance of smaller reef fish. It is also known for its brilliant coral patches in the north and broad barrier reefs with several islands on the east and west. There are a total of four kandus in this atoll, Gan Kandu, Viligili Kandu, Maa Kandu and Kuda Kandu. There are a few caves studded around the region, however relatively few in comparison with the other atolls in the Maldives.

Currents are not as forceful as in other parts of the Maldives, so it is a great dive location for novice and experienced scuba divers looking for a thrilling dive excursion. The channels can be navigated with relative ease, with the average depth within the atoll at 35 meters, and a maximum depth of 75 meters in the center.

Southern Pro Divers  provides diving equipment to the guests, but if you wish to bring your own diving gears, you may wish to do so and all your diving gears can be kept safely at Southern Pro Diving Center.

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